Boo Hoff to Sugarloaf Cafe

2D Layout of the Boo Hoff to Sugarloaf Cafe Hike

3D Layout of the Boo Hoff to Sugarloaf Cafe Hike

Location: This trail begins at La Quinta Cove where you will take the Boo Hoff trail. From the parking lot you begin the trail going toward the mountains. When the trail divides toward the right and the left if you look straight ahead you will see at the distance two mountains. The picture shows the dot where the sign indicates that it is the beginning of the Boo Hoff trail (This sign was removed in 2008). When you get to the wash, you have two options to continue. Toward the right going up through the wash you will see this metal sign. The ascend is not that strenuous and with nice views of La Quinta Cove and Lake Cahuilla. Going up the trail you will see in a clear day a more complete view of the Lake Cahuilla and the Salton Sea basin. After about three miles you will find this sign (removed on 2010) toward the right side of the intersection. This is the biginning of the Guadalupe Trail. This trail will take you up to the mountains into the Guadalupe Canyon, and the Devil’s Canyon. After about seven miles you will find some old cowboy camp with some remains on it . The trail continues and become very difficult to follow as it enters into a wash that you would follow until you find this signpost. That signpost indicates that you now are joining the Cactus Springs Trail that toward the right goes to Agua Alta Springs and toward the right to Sugarloaf. The Cactus Springs Trail is very well define and is very easy to follow it through After about two miles you will be at the Horsethief Creek. After about two and quarter miles,you will be at the Sugarloaf Café on Hwy 74

Directions: From I-10 exit Washington Street and turn south, you will pass Hwy 111 and drive several miles and turn right onto Eisenhower Street and continue until the street ends at Avenida Bermudas, turn right until Avenida Ramirez, the parking lot it is at the left side of the street.

Type of Trail: One way from La Quinta Cove to Sugarloaf Café.

Total Distance: The distance one way is approximately 15.5 miles from La Quinta Cove to Sugarloaf Café.

Elevation Gain: There is approximate 5,000 plus feet elevation gain.

Time Required: About 8 hours at a comfortable pace.

Do not attempt to do this trail without a person that knows it very well.